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Bull Flag Group is a content media, consulting and investing group dedicated to providing our community with quality interviews, original content, and customized consulting. In addition, we actively invest in projects and companies which are building the next level of blockchain infrastructures.

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Over the past 4 years, the team at Bull Flag Group has invested in multiple private sale and public sale Cryptocurrency. Towards the end of 2017, our focus shifted from simply trading Bitcoin and Ethereum to actively trading the top 10 currencies. Here we found ourselves competing for spots to participate in many high profile ICOs, and while we did make a few investments the decision to stop pure token deals came in July 2018.

Bull Flag Group has directed their focus to top-level emerging projects which seek to address the fundamental flaws plaguing existing Blockchain protocols.

Bull Flag Group also began reinvestigating projects which have had eight months to one year to build and grow, as we believe there is value and promise in many of the existing projects.

With a team who has been active in the Cryptocurrency space since 2014, we are aware of market cycles and although bear markets are frustrating and at times overwhelming, we believe firmly that true growth and progress will be made during these hard times.

As we move forward, Bull Flag Group is focused on the long term outlook for Bitcoin and a handful of other projects. We strongly believe a “Killer Dapp” will emerge and believe Bitcoin will showcase its real use case as a worldwide censorship-free transfer of value.

Although we have seen various market cycles in the past, we are outrageously optimistic about the future of Bitcoin! We invite you to join our journey with us. 

Here is to a great 2019 and a promising 2020! 


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